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Auditions for Willy Wonka

Auditions Saturday October 14 

Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church (84 Main Street in Topsham)

Welcome! All you need to do is 1. Find the time slot below that best fits your age, experience and roles (see below), and 2. download, print and complete the audition sheet which can be found here.
Remember to bring the completed audition sheet with you on October 14th. All minors must have their guardian's signature on their form. And finally, just show up on the 14th, arriving at the beginning of the time bracket. If you are scheduled from 10-11 AM, please be ready to go at 10:00 AM.

Time Slots: Auditions times are broken into three separate slots depending on age, experience, and roles desired (see Character Descriptions, below, for information about the named roles). Arrive ready to go at the start time of your slot. Everyone who auditions will be included in the show. The Director for this show, Tammy Holmes, and the Music Director, Courtney Babbidge, will help everyone who comes out to audition to feel comfortable and to participate in the process. 

Please choose only one time slot.

10:00am-11:00am LITTLES (Kids, Squirrels, and Oompa Loompas): This time slot is reserved for young cast members and those who have no or limited experience. Suggested age range 4-8. Children will be asked to sing part of an Oompa Loompa song in small groups and practice taking directions through theater games. 

11:00am-12:00pm ENSEMBLE and FEATURED (Kids, Squirrels, Cooks, and Oompa Loompas): This time slot is reserved for those cast members from age 9 and up who want to be part of the ensemble, a group of cast members who perform on stage together, or a featured member, one who stands out from the ensemble. No experience is necessary. Auditions for this group will consist of singing in small groups from the show song called Candy Man and acting out scenes that include ensembles and/or featured roles. The kids in the Candy Man scene are an ensemble that has featured roles which can be heard at the beginning of the song link below. Use this link to hear and read the lyrics to the entire song. This is taken from the junior version of the show but is most like our song. Please copy and paste it into your address bar.

12:30pm-4:00pm (*Due to the large turnout expected for this time slot please know that we may extend this time slot past 4:00pm as needed.)
MAIN AND SUPPORTING ROLES: This time slot is reserved for those cast members who are interested in lead or supporting roles as described in the character descriptions. Please note the age ranges in the description are a guideline. We recognize that someone may be able to play a role much younger or older than their actual age. Auditions for this group will include a dance, song, and acting portion. Please come ready to perform a dance number in small groups taught by our choreographer. Come prepared to sing a song solo that showcases your voice. Usually, 16 bars or about 1 minute of the song suffices. You may sing a song from the show, but keep in mind that sometimes the show songs are not the best audition songs. Our musical director, Courtney Babbidge, will accompany auditions. Please check with Courtney if you are not able to supply sheet music for him to play. He may already have it, can easily access it, or will help make another suggestion. Courtney can be emailed at or contacted via Facebook at You will also have an opportunity to act out scenes from the show that includes main and supporting roles. 


If the audition teams need to have further audition time with specific people in order to make final decisions we will have callbacks later that evening. Scenes and cold reads from the show may be part of that process. Child roles will be asked to sing a portion from “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” and adult roles will be asked to sing a portion of “Pure Imagination.” We have reserved Saturday, October 14th between 6:00pm and 8:00pm for call-backs if needed.

Show Dates and Rehearsals: The show will be performed on Friday January 12th thru Sunday January 14th at the Crooker Theater in Brunswick. Rehearsals will be held at Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6-9 and Saturday 1-4. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal. We try to keep the youngest performers to Friday and Saturday rehearsals, except during the last week before the show when the full cast will be called.


WILLY WONKA (lead) Male age 20 to 50
Willy Wonka is an enigmatic character; at once mysterious and mischievous but also charismatic. There are a number of directions to take with Wonka, ranging from Gene Wilder’s version in the original film, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, to Johnny Depp’s portrayal in the recent film, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and everything in between. This actor needs to be charismatic and engaging. The actor should be able to be funny and serious and change between the two on a dime. He sings several solos. 

CANDY MAN (supporting) Male age 20-50
A local candy man who sings the praises of candy with children who frequent his candy cart. He sings and dances during his iconic song “Candy Man”. He is only in Act I and the Finale.

CHARLIE BUCKET (lead) Male age 9-12
The role of Charlie Bucket is the emotional heart and soul of the musical. The actor performing Charlie should have an unchanged voice and lots of pluck and enthusiasm. Think a male “Annie.” Charlie is in nearly every scene, so make sure you can handle the demands of a sizable role. He sings several solos and performs a tap dance number. No tap dance experience required, but the right attitude and willingness to learn will be necessary. 

GRANDPA JOE (lead) Male age 60 and up
Grandpa Joe is the grandfather we all wish we had when we were Charlie’s age. He is caring, patient, sweet and always reminds Charlie to remain cheerful. This actor needs to be both kind and funny. The role sings a bit, but the singing is secondary. 

MR. AND MRS. BUCKET (supporting) Male and female age 30-45
They are Charlie’s nurturing parents who try to maintain a positive outlook. Both sing solos; Mr. Bucket performs the number “Think Positive” with Charlie and Mrs. Bucket sings “Cheer Up, Charlie” with Mr. Bucket and Grandpa Joe. They are throughout Act I and in the Finale.

PHINEOUS TROUT (supporting) Male or female age 18 and up
Phineous is the reporter who announces the winners of the Golden Ticket contest. The role requires some singing and definitely comedic timing. This role is seen throughout Act I and the very beginning of Act II.

AUGUSTUS GLOOP (lead) Male age 10-15
Augustus is the overachieving eater who represents the evils of eating too much. This actor will be fitted with a costume that makes him look plump. Augustus sings “I Eat More!” along with his mother and Phineous Trout. The song is on the difficult side but does not need to be sung with a polished pretty voice, in fact, the more character the better. A German accent is a must and is written into the dialogue. 

MRS. GLOOP (lead) Female age 30-45
Mrs. Gloop is Augustus’ mother who has overindulged her son with food. She accompanies Augustus on the tour of the factory and sings “I Eat More!” which is one of the more difficult songs in the score. The role requires a character actress who isn’t afraid to take positive risks both in her acting and her singing. A German accent is a must and is written into the dialogue. 

MIKE TEAVEE (lead) Male age 10-15
For this adaptation, Mike is not just a TV junky. He is also addicted to video games, the Internet, and any other mind-numbing technological device. Mike is bratty, loud and obnoxious. He does not know the word “no.” Mike and Ms. Teavee sing “I See It All On TV” so he needs to be a reasonable singer, but does not need to be phenomenal. 

MS. TEAVEE (lead) Female age 30-45
Ms. Teavee is a take on all television moms of the distant past. Think June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) or Marion Cunningham (Happy Days) or even Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch). She’s perfectly put together and a bit vacant. She sings “I See It All On TV” but does not require a polished voice. 

VIOLET BEAUREGARDE (lead) Female age 10-15
Gum chewer extraordinaire, Violet hails from Snellville, Georgia, so it’s nice if she has a Southern American accent. She takes every opportunity to show off. Violet should stand in stark contrast to Veruca Salt. Veruca is a wealthy refined brat; Violet is more of a blue-collar, middle-class brat. She sings “Chew It” along with Willy Wonka. The song is a tour-de-force for the right voice so this actress will need a strong voice to belt as she turns into a blueberry! 

MRS. BEAUREGARDE (supporting) Female age 30-45
Mrs. Beauregard is Violet’s enthusiastic “helicopter parent” who focuses all of her attention on her daughter. She is a teacher of geography and has invested a great deal of hard-earned money on therapy for her orally fixated daughter, with less than stellar results. She indulges Violet's worst competitive impulses. The role is virtually non-singing. Her accent should match Violet’s. 

VERUCA SALT (lead) Female age 10-15
Veruca is the wealthy, class-conscious, spoiled brat. She will need a high British accent. Veruca’s solo number “I Want It Now” is deceptively tricky and comes late in the show so this actress will need to have a strong voice. Veruca should contrast sharply with Violet Beauregarde in terms of look and physical type. 

MR. SALT (supporting) Male age 30-45
Mr. Salt’s solution to most problems is to buy his way out and he flaunts his wealth around without hesitation. He is upper class and must have a high British accent. He sings very little. 

GRANDMA JOSEPHINA, GRANDMA GEORGINA, and GRANDPA GEORGE (supporting) Female and males ages 60-and up
Charlie’s three grandparents are mainly non-singing character roles but have scene-stealing lines. The comedic roles need to be led by a solid actor and actresses that are innately interesting and who have good comic timing. They are seen throughout Act I and in the Finale.

JAMES (featured) Male age 8-14
James is Charlie’s friend from school. He has a few lines and sings the introduction of “The Candy Man” along with Matilda and Charlie. He is in Act I only but can be in other ensembles in Act II.

MATILDA (featured) Female age 8-14
Matilda is also a schoolmate of Charlie’s, but she’s a bit of bully. Matilda has a few lines and sings the introduction of “The Candy Man” along with James and Charlie. She is in Act I only but can be in other ensembles in Act II.

OOMPA-LOOMPA CHORUS (Ensemble) Male and female ages 4-16
The Oompa-Loompa Chorus is a fun and energetic group of candy making helpers who love their leader Willy Wonka and who sing songs to convey life lessons after each lucky ticket winner overindulges.

THE CANDY MAN KIDS (a.k.a. SOPHIE, DANNY, ALFIE, BILLIE and additional kids) (Ensemble) Male and female ages 4-16
These schoolmates of Charlie love candy and sing and dance during “Candy Man” and they may number over a dozen. This group may also play in the Chorus of Cooks, Squirrels, and Oompa Loompas.

CHORUS OF COOKS (Ensemble) Male and female ages 13 and up
The Cooks appear during “I Eat More!” presenting Augustus with a smorgasbord of food choices. They will sing and dance during this number.

SQUIRRELS (Ensemble) Male and female ages 4-8
The squirrels are non-speaking roles who sing a little and act during Veruca’s big song “I Want it Now”. The squirrels take care of all the nuts in the factory and place each one on a machine that determines if it is a “good nut” or a “bad nut”. They are initially scared of Veruca, but then gain the courage to have their way with her by placing her on the machine. They celebrate when she is deemed a “bad nut”. This is a great part for beginning actors who may only want a limited role.
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