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Auditions for Mary Poppins

MIDCOAST YOUTH THEATER presents Auditions for Mary Poppins

Related image When: Saturday, February 10th Where: Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church, 84 Main Street, Topsham, Maine
Director: Tammy Holmes Musical Director: Courtney Babbidge Choreographer: KC Andreau Assistant Choreographer: Linda Gardiner Mary Poppins the Musical Summary
In the musical, Bert, a jack-of-all-trades, invites us into the world of London, England in 1910 - and, specifically, into the dysfunctional home of the Banks family. Jane and Michael, the young Banks children, have sent yet another nanny packing, dismissing these children as hopelessly and irrevocably spoiled and misbehaved. With a father who works constantly and mother who is always distracted, Jane and Michael have suffered without strong caretaking forces in their lives. The magical Mary Poppins flies in on the wind, brings with her a combination of whimsy, magic, and disciplined common sense to the children's lives. Together, they go on memorable and magical adventures - and also learn the importance of a tidy nursery and of taking the medicine they need (with a spoonful of sugar, of course.) Mary Poppins' transformational influence does not stop with the children - eventually, she teaches the grown-ups, as well, to open up and realize that "anything can happen if you let it."

Welcome! All you need to do is:
1. Find the time slot below that best fits your age, experience, and roles (see below), 2. Download, print, and complete both the audition and the payment form. 3. Remember to bring the completed forms with you on February 10th. All minors must have their guardian's signature on their form. 4. Show up on February 10th ready to start at the beginning of your time bracket Email any questions regarding the auditions, or the show, to Time Slots Auditions times are broken into three separate slots depending on age, experience, and roles desired (see Character Descriptions below for information about the Main and Supporting Roles). Arrive ready to go at the start time of your slot. Everyone who auditions will be included in the show. The Director for this show, Tammy Holmes, the Music Director, Courtney Babbidge, and Assistant Choreographer, Linda Gardiner, will help everyone who comes out to audition to feel comfortable and to participate in the process. Please choose only one time slot.
10:00 - 10:45 am LITTLES: This time slot is reserved for young cast members and those who have no or limited experience. Suggested age range 4-8. Children will be asked to sing part of the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song in small groups and practice taking directions through theater games. The LITTLES will be featured in Jolly Holiday dressed in black and white tuxedo tailcoats as a nod to the traditional penguins we all adored in the movie version. They will also be part of other ensemble groups in Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Let's Go Fly a Kite. 10:45-11:30 am ENSEMBLE: This time slot is reserved for those cast members from age 9 and up who want to be part of the ensemble, a group of cast members who perform on stage together as part of a group. The ensemble in this show will make up the following groups: Londoners: people of all ages as they peruse through the streets of London and walk through the park as seen in Jolly Holiday, Feed the Birds, Let's Go Fly a Kite, and Anything Can Happen Customers: people of all ages coming to Mrs. Corry's Shop to buy conversations during song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Bankers and Secretaries: adults who will make up the staff who work at Mr. Bank's bank Anyone interested in major dance numbers will attend the ensemble audition at 11:00 am and then stay to audition for featured ensemble members: 11:30 am-12:00 pm FEATURED ENSEMBLE: These ensembles must have strong dance skills. They will be featured as statues in the park who come to life and as chimney sweeps who tap dance a major number called Step in Time. Tap dancing is required but will be taught. Also, toys will come to life in the nursery and may be chosen from this group as well. A featured member is one who stands out from the ensemble. These auditions will include dance choreo from Step in Time. Please review the video below as a reference only: 12:00-4:00 pm MAIN AND SUPPORTING ROLES: (*Due to the large turnout expected for this time slot please know that we may extend this time slot past 4:00 pm as needed. In order to be efficient and respectful of everyone's time, we will rotate groups to perform choreo in one room while vocal auditions occur in the other. Cold readings from the show will happen after those are completed. This time slot is reserved for those cast members who are interested in a lead or supporting roles as described in the character descriptions below. Please note that the age ranges in the description are a guideline. We recognize that someone may be able to play a role much younger or older than their actual age. Auditions for this group will include a dance, song, and acting portion. Please come ready to perform a dance number in small groups taught by our choreographer and assistant choreographer. Come prepared to sing a song solo that showcases your voice. Usually, 16 bars or about 1 minute of the song suffices. You may sing a song from the show, but keep in mind that sometimes the show's own songs are not the best audition songs. Our musical director, Courtney Babbidge, will accompany auditions. Please check with Courtney if you are not able to supply sheet music for him to play. He may already have it, can easily access it, or will help make another suggestion. Courtney can be emailed at or contacted via Facebook at
CALLBACKS If the audition team need to have further audition time with specific people in order to make final decisions we will have callbacks later that evening. Scenes and cold reads from the show may be part of that process. Child roles will be asked to sing a portion from The Perfect Nanny and adult roles will be asked to sing a portion of either Spoonful of Sugar or Chim Chiminey. SHOW DATES AND REHEARSALS The show will be performed on Thursday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 6th at Crooker Theater in Brunswick. There will be a total of 5 shows with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows at 7pm and Saturday and Sunday shows at 2pm. Rehearsals will be held at Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 6:00-9:00 pm and Saturday 2:00-5:00pm. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal. We try to keep the youngest performers to Friday and Saturday rehearsals, except during the last week before the show when the full cast will be called. CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS Main and Supporting Roles: Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael Banks' new nanny: She is practically perfect in every way (and knows it, in a most delightful way). She is extraordinary, neat and tidy, and sometimes a little frightening but always exciting. The world interacts with her in a magical, but normal for her, way. She should be able to move well and tap ability would be a bonus. She will speak with a standard British accent. Female, 20 - 30 yrs old, Vocal range: Gb3 - C6, Soprano with a big range Winifred Banks, George's wife and Jane and Michael's mother: A former actress, she is a loving mother who is busy trying to live up to her husband's desire to only associate with "the best people" as well as be the model wife and mother. She worries that she's not up to these tasks but she discovers that she is. She will speak with a standard British accent. Female, 30 - 40 yrs old, Vocal range: A3 - D5, Mezzo-Soprano or Alto Bert, the narrator of the story: Bert is a good friend, and perhaps something more, to Mary Poppins and possesses his own touch of magic. Bert has many occupations, including lamp-lighter, sidewalk artist, and chimney sweep. Bert watches over the children as well as the happenings on Cherry Tree Lane. He has charm and speaks with a Cockney accent. Bert needs to be a good dancer and will tap dance. Male, 30 - 39 yrs old, Vocal range: B2 - F#4, Baritone or Tenor George Banks, the father of Jane and Michael Banks: George is a banker to the core. Demanding "precision and order" in his household, he tries to be a good provider but often forgets to be a good father. His emotional armor, however, conceals a sensitive soul. He will speak with a standard British accent. Male, 40 - 45 yrs old, Vocal range: Bb2 - Eb4, Baritone or Tenor Jane Banks, the high-spirited daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. She is bright and precocious but she and her brother Michael often misbehave to get the attention of their parents. She will speak with a standard British accent. Female, 11 yrs old, Vocal range: A3 - F#5, Mezzo-Soprano Michael Banks, the cute and cheeky son of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Excitable and naughty, he adores his father and tries to be like him. Both he and Jane misbehave in order to get the attention of their parents. He will speak with a standard British accent. Male, 9 yrs old, Vocal range: A3 - E5, Boy Soprano Featured Roles: (Please note that featured roles will also double in some ensemble roles too.) Mrs. Brill, the housekeeper, and cook for the Banks family. Overworked and sometimes grumpy, she's always complaining that the house is understaffed. Her intimidating exterior is a cover for the warmth underneath. She will speak with a Cockney accent. Female, 50 - 60 yrs old, Vocal range: F#3 - D#5, Alto or Mezzo Soprano. She will also join in some ensembles. Bird Woman: Her outward appearance is dirty and off-putting, but she shows the Banks children that appearances can be deceiving. She tries to sell her crumbs for birds to passersby, who ignore her as if she doesn't exist. Sings "Feed the Birds." She speaks with a Cockney accent. Female, 40+ yrs old, Vocal range: Gb3 - C5, Alto or Mezzo-Soprano Katie Nanna: The last in a long line of nannies for the Banks children before Mary Poppins arrives. She is overwhelmed and upset and has absolutely had her fill of the Banks children. She will speak with a Cockney accent. Female, 20 - 40 yrs old, and is only a Speaking Role Mrs. Corry: Owns a magical gingerbread letter shop which has been around for a long, long time. She is a mysterious and larger-than-life woman who is of no real place or time and appears ageless. Female, 25+, Vocal range: D4 - C5, Mezzo-Soprano or Alto Miss Andrew: George's overbearing and scary nanny. With her bottle of nasty-tasting brimstone and treacle to keep naughty children in line, she is a bully who only knows one way of doing things - her way. She speaks with a standard British accent Female, 40 - 60 yrs old, Vocal range: Gb3 - F5, Mezzo-Soprano
Miss Lark: She is the haughty next-door neighbor of the Banks family who treats her dog, Willoughby as if he were her child. She will speak with a standard British accent. Female, 40-60 yrs old Speaking Role Miss Smythe: She is the Bank Chairman's humorless secretary. She will speak with a standard British accent. Female, 40 - 50 yrs old Speaking Role Robertson Ay, the houseboy to the Banks family: Robertson Ay is a bit of comic relief. Lazy, sleepy and grumbling, he never gets things right and believes himself to be useless. He doesn't do a lot of singing, but his "Spoonful" solo is a fun surprise. He will speak with a Cockney accent. Male, 20 - 30 yrs old, Vocal range: F3 - G#4, Tenor Admiral Boom, a retired Royal Navy man and neighbor of the Banks family: A physically large man with a loud and booming voice, he speaks in Navy jargon and has a soft spot for his neighbor, Miss Lark. He will speak with a standard British accent. Male, 50+ yrs old Speaking Role Neleus, the statue of a young boy in the park: Neleus was separated from his father, Poseidon, and misses him very much. A small and lonely being, he is very happy to befriend Jane and Michael. He is chased about the park by two female statues. Must be a strong dancer. He will speak with a standard British accent. Male, 18 - 25 yrs old, Vocal range: B2 - D4, Baritone Policeman: A neighborhood fixture who is respected by and observant of households on his beat. He will speak with a Cockney accent. Male, 30 - 50 yrs old, Speaking Role Park Keeper: Uniformed and officious, he makes sure no one breaks park regulations. His life is defined by rules, but he secretly hankers after his childhood. He will speak with a Cockney accent. Male, 20+ yrs old Speaking Role Bank Chairman, the head of the bank where Mr. Banks is employed. He is focused on the bottom line and his cold demeanor is reflected in the cold walls of the bank. He will speak with a standard British accent. Male, 50+ yrs old, Vocal range: C3 - D4, Baritone Von Hussler: A businessman seeking a loan from the bank for a shady business deal. He speaks with a German accent. Male, 30 - 50 yrs old, Vocal range: C3 - D4, Baritone John Northbrook: An honest businessman seeking a loan to build a factory for his community. He speaks with an accent from Northern England. Male, 30 - 50 yrs old, Vocal range: C3 - D4, Baritone
31 January 2018
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It's Almost Show Time!

Join us for this rousing musical, Willy Wonka, based on Roald Dahl's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring over 80 people of all ages from your local community. Showtimes:

Friday January 12th at 7:00 PM

Saturday January 13th--two shows!--at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Sunday January 14th at 2:00 PM

All shows are in Crooker Theater located in Brunswick High School, 116 Maquoit Road, Brunswick. 

Buy tickets ahead of time and save by clicking here.

02 January 2018
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