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Join us for Auditions for this all-ages musical!

auditions held at the Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church, 84 Main Street, Topsham

Director: Tammy Holmes
Musical Director: Courtney Babbidge

Story Summary: Annie is a determined 11-year-old set out to find her parents who abandoned her years ago on the doorstep of the New York City Orphanage that is run by the cruel, embittered Miss Hannigan. With equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone’s hearts despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. She finds a new home and family in billionaire, Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary, Grace Farrell, and a lovable mutt named Sandy. Miss Hannigan’s brother, Rooster, fresh out of jail and his girlfriend Lily St. Regis plot to pretend to be Annie’s parents to swindle Oliver Warbucks out of the reward money to find Annie’s real parents. Together with the help and cheer from the other girls at the orphanage and the help from her new friend President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Annie remains forever hopeful in what lies in store TOMORROW!

All you need to do is:
1. Find the time slot below that best fits your age, experience, and roles. 
2. Print and complete the Annie Audition sheet. This is used by the production team for casting, on going communication throughout rehearsals and the production.
3. Print and complete the MYT Registration Form. This is used by the Treasurer for billing and scholarships. Troupe fees for this production are due by October 27th and can be paid at any rehearsal, at the audition or by mail.
4. Remember to bring the completed audition sheet and registration form with you to your auditions. All minors must have their guardian's signature on their audition sheet.

6:00-6:45PM ENSEMBLE

10:00-10:45AM LITTLES
11:00-11:45AM ENSEMBLE


Auditions times are broken into separate slots depending on age, experience, and roles desired. Arrive ready to go at the start time of your slot. Everyone who auditions will be included in the show. The Director for this show, Tammy Holmes, and the Music Director, Courtney Babbidge, will help everyone who comes out to audition to feel comfortable to participate in the process. 

*If you are a teen interested in both orphan and adult roles please plan to attend both sessions.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st. 6:00-6:45PM or SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd 11:00-11:45AM
ENSEMBLE: This time slot is reserved for those cast members who are mainly interested in being part of the ensemble, a small or large group of actors who perform on stage together. Please review the descriptions for the different ensembles and choruses below. The audition process will be simplified to allow individuals to learn part of a song from the show and sing in small groups. Acting, movement, dance, and taking stage direction may be added to the song.  

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST 7:00-9:00PM or SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd 12:00-4:00PM  
MAIN, SUPPORTING, AND FEATURED ROLES: (*Due to the large turnout expected for this time slot please know that we may extend this time slot as needed.)

This time slot is reserved for those cast members who are interested in a lead or supporting roles as described in the character descriptions below. Please note that the age ranges in the description are a guideline. We recognize that someone may be able to play a role much younger or older than their actual age. Auditions for this group will include a dance, song, and acting portion. Please come ready to perform a dance number in small groups taught by our choreographer. Come prepared to sing a song solo that showcases your voice. Usually, 16 bars or about 1 minute of the song suffices. You may sing a song from the show, but keep in mind that sometimes the show's own songs are not the best audition songs. Our musical director, Courtney Babbidge, will accompany auditions. Please check with Courtney if you are not able to supply sheet music for him to play. He may already have it, can easily access it, or will help make another suggestion. Courtney can be emailed at or contacted via Facebook at 

SATURDAY, September 22nd

10:00 - 10:45AM 
LITTLES: This time slot is reserved for young cast members and those children who have no or limited experience. Suggested age range is 4-8. Children will be taught part of the song NYC and perform it as a group in front of parents. They will then practice taking stage directions through theater games. The LITTLES girls will be featured in the songs “Hard Knock Life” and “A New Deal for Christmas”. The LITTLES boys will be featured in “NYC” and “A New Deal for Christmas”

Show Dates and Rehearsals: The show will be performed on Thursday, December 13th through Sunday, December 16th at Crooker Theater in Brunswick. Rehearsals will be held at Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 6:00-9:00 pm and Saturday 2:00-5:00pm. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal. We try to keep the youngest performers to Friday and Saturday rehearsals, except during the last week before the show when the full cast will be called.


ANNIE: Female, suggested age range for auditioning 9-14. Must be able to appear age 11. Mezzo-Soprano
Annie is a complex, tough, streetwise kid who is surprisingly vulnerable when she thinks she might lose what has become most important to her: her new found “family.” This actress will need to be able to be adaptable to play motherly, independent, overwhelmed and hopeful. She should be strong vocally and musically and must be able to light up the stage when singing “Tomorrow!” The actress may be asked to color hair and/or wear a wig.

OLIVER WARBUCKS: Male, 40-65, Baritone
Oliver is a powerful billionaire, who always has his mind on business, but has a kind heart looking for someone to love. This is a challenging role. In the beginning, the actor is awkwardly affectionate with Annie and later finds himself completely charmed by her. This actor will need to play very focused and gently authoritative. Preference will be given to actors who are bald or balding and/or willing to shave their head. Warbucks sings solos “Why Should I Change a Thing” and “Something Was Missing” and solos within “NYC” and “I Don’t Need Anything But You”.  

GRACE FARRELL: Female, 25-35, Soprano
Grace is the classy, confident, likable, and intelligent private secretary to Oliver Warbucks. She brings Annie and Warbucks together while businesslike in handling him and maternal in dealing with the girl. She sings solos and duets in “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”, “NYC”, “You Won’t be an Orphan For Long”, and“I Don’t Need Anything But You”.

MISS AGGIE HANNIGAN: Female, 35-55, Alto
Aggie Hannigan is desperate and unhappy with her lot in life. She yearns for a better life and wants to love and be loved. This actress must have strong comic timing and have a versatile singing voice to be able to create a larger than life character. She sings Little Girls solo.

The Orphans, Female, suggested age range for auditioning is 7-17 to play various ages listed after each one. All of the orphans sing solo lines in It’s a Hard Knock Life and will need a range of a low A to a high F. They also sing the reprise of the song Fully Dressed. They must be versatile actresses who can display all of the ranges of emotion for their character. One minute they might be mad or sad and the next happy, hopeful, or scared. They are gritty girls who are neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and lovable. Each actress should be able to shape her own specific character. Their character age is listed below but we are open to interpretation. A suggested age range is listed for auditioners. This is a guideline and others outside of this age range are free to audition.

MOLLY: The suggested age range for auditioning is 7-11. Molly is supposed to be age 6. She is one of the youngest orphans but is showcased during It’s a Hard Knock Life when she pretends to be Miss Hannigan. She is Annie’s best friend and also sings a small solo in “New Deal for Christmas”.

KATE: The suggested age range for auditioning is 8-12. Kate is supposed to be 7. She is the second youngest orphan.  

TESSIE: The suggested age range for auditioning is 9-14. Tessie is supposed to be age 11. She is the crybaby of the group: “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!”

PEPPER: The suggested age range for auditioning is 10-15. Pepper is supposed to be age 12. She is the toughest of the group and is quick to pick a fight.

JULY: The suggested age range for auditioning is 11-16. July is supposed to be age 13. July is the quietest of the group but sings a solo in “Fully Dressed”.

DUFFY: The suggested age range for auditioning is 11-16. Duffy is supposed to be 13. Duffy is one of the oldest orphans.


Rooster Hannigan is Miss Hannigan’s greedy and dishonest brother who has just gotten out of another stint in jail. This is a great character role for an actor who can play a limber, slimy con artist. He is self-assured to the point of being cocky and dresses flashy. This actor plays off of his stage girlfriend Lily St. Regis. This actor plays off of his stage girlfriend Lily St. Regis. Rooster sings solos in Easy Street.

LILY ST. REGIS: Female, 20-35, Soprano
Lily is the shady and floozy girlfriend of Rooster. This actress must be able to pull off a convincing thick New York accent and play as an airhead. This actress plays off of her stage boyfriend and must have solid comedic timing. Lily has solos in “Easy Street”.

The President of the United States takes an immediate liking to Annie and her optimism. This actor must be able to imitate this president. The President sings solos in “Cabinet Tomorrow” and “New Deal for Christmas”.

FEATURED CHARACTERS (All featured characters will also be in the ensemble.)

STAR TO BE: Female, 16-25, Mezzo-Soprano
She is an aspiring Broadway actress who sings a key solo during “NYC”. She needs a BIG BELT to give that solo the energy and hopefulness it conveys.  

BERT HEALEY: Male, 30-60, Tenor
Bert is a popular and charming radio announcer with a classic voice and style reminiscent of the 1930’s. He sings “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”.  

LT. WARD: Male, 20-60, non-singing
NYPD officer who is suspicious of Annie.  

BUNDLES MCCLOSKEY: Male, 20-60, non-singing
Bundles is the laundry man who flirts with Ms. Hannigan and aids Annie’s attempt to escape.  

JIMMY JOHNSON: Male, 20-55, non-singing
Jimmy is a guest and silly radio personality on the Bert Healy’s radio show who calls himself “radios only masked announcer.”

FRED MCCRACKEN: Male, 20-55, non-singing
Fred is the puppet wrangler. He uses a dummy on Bert Healey’s radio show.

THE BOYLAN SISTERS: Female, 20-40, Vocal Range: Soprano, Alto, Mezzo 
Bonnie, Ronnie, and Connie are a singing group that sings back up to Bert Healy. These actresses must be able to sing well and harmonize. They will need to also need to have physical traits to be convincible as sisters.

CABINET MEMBERS: The Cabinet Members are all political associates of President Roosevelt who serve as advisors to the President: 

HAROLD ICKES: Male, 20-60, Baritone
Ickes (Pronounced ICK-EEZ) He is a pessimistic and worried politician who serves on the Cabinet for President Roosevelt. He is instructed to start singing Tomorrow by President Roosevelt and sings the beginning solo. He will sound terrible on purpose!

FRANCES PERKINS: Female, 20-60, Mezzo-Soprano
She is a firm but concerned female politician who serves on the Cabinet for President Roosevelt.

CORDELL HULL: Male, 20-60, Baritone
Hull is a worried politician who serves on the Cabinet for President Roosevelt and must be able to sing harmony.

HENRY MORGANTHAU: Male, 20-60, Baritone
He is a worried, but hesitant politician who serves on the Cabinet for President Roosevelt.

LOUIS HOWE: Male, 20-60, Baritone
He is a kind friend and manager who also serves on the Cabinet for President Roosevelt. He has the added responsibility to travel the President around in his wheelchair. He must be able to sing harmony.

Judge who Warbucks hires to hold the adoption of Annie.


This is a LARGE ensemble show! There are four ensemble/choruses. The ensembles in this show play a CRUCIAL role. There are multiple numbers that all ensemble will be in.

THE ORPHAN ENSEMBLE: Female, ages 4-18, Altos and Sopranos
The orphan ensemble will be broken down into further groups to ensure that everyone gets proper stage time, to separate into focused groups who dance or sing, and for placement on stage. These girls are gritty, neglected, yet basically honest and potentially lovable. They have mischievous fun with each other and also have “sibling-style” fights.

HOOVERVILLE ENSEMBLE: Male and Female, ages 9 and up
Appleseller and Sophie along with several others referred to in the script as Man 1-4 and Woman 1-4 are the central characters that represent the poor of NYC. These are all homeless and jobless people who live in shanty towns. Appleseller and Sophie are children who lead the town and members in it. Sophie is an outspoken child (similar to Annie). These characters are the central figures in Act 1, Scene 3 with many lines and a few solo lines in their song and dance number “We’d Like to Thank You”.

SERVANT CHORUS: Male and Female, ages 14 and up
These are domestic staff in Oliver Warbuck’s mansion. Their presence, posture, and speech are proper and refined. Their heads are always held high, with pleasant, yet guarded emotions. They sing in “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here”, “You Won’t Be an Orphan for Long”, “I Don’t Need Anything But You”, and “New Deal for Christmas”

DRAKE: Male, 25-60
He is an English butler who serves Oliver Warbucks and while he takes his job to keep order seriously he is amused and taken by Annie. The right actor with strong comedic timing will steel some scenes.

CECILE AND ANNETTE: Females, 18-65
These women are French maids who are loyal servants. They are supervised by Drake and Grace.

MRS. GREER: Female, 20-60
She is the head housekeeper.

MRS. PUGH: Female, 20-60
She is the head cook.

Up to a dozen more servants will be chosen from the cast. All must sing and move well. Specialty dancers will be cast into this group for their big song and dance numbers “I Think I’m Gonna It Here”, “You Won’t Be an Orphan For Long”, “I Don’t Need Anything But You” and “A New Deal for Christmas”.

NYC CHORUS: Male and female, ages 9 and up
This chorus consists of a scene that takes place in downtown New York City to sing the longest song in the show “NYC”. Characters will include a representative of the Salvation Army with a Santa Clause, a nanny nurse with baby buggy, children playing pickpockets, people handing out flyers, firemen with a ladder, theatre goers, tourists, street vendors, and usherettes at the Roxy Theatre, as well as, an appearance by our favorite swindlers Rooster and Lily.
27 August 2018
Posted by Julie Meyer

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