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"Every Show for Every Child "

MYT is an inclusive, high quality community based children's theater group which produces at least four full length performances per year, and finds a place in every show for every child who qualifies by age.
MYT provides a fun, creative outlet for children and families to find the sense of community and self confidence a musical theater environment provides.  For this reason, MYT is growing very quickly.
In the past year, the MYT Board has been busy adapting the organization's structure to meet the needs of an increasingly large and successful theater company.  The Board's charge is to ensure the safety of the company members, and to ensure that the organization stays creatively strong and fiscally secure.
In addition to the everyday Board work, this year the MYT Board has put into place a number of innovations and new fundraising approaches.  We have worked hard to increase the depth of our director "bench" and to ensure good relationships with our performance venues while we grow.  We have added a Board youth representative to speak for actors and crew Age 18 and under.  MYT is now the annual recipient of a percentage of a week's proceeds at one local restaurant ("The Duck" at Highland Green in Topsham) and is seeking other similar opportunities, as well as applying for grants to cover additional troupe fee scholarships and production costs.
Some innovations under consideration include: 
          A new structure for summer shows
         A costume lending/donation program to assist other local troupes
         Apprenticeship programs to develop future leaders backstage, on stage, in the pit, and in the front of the House. 
Every day work of the MYT Board includes:  addressing safety concerns, managing the budget, contact with the media, ensuring sufficient insurance coverage, ordering show rights, arranging venues and sponsors, reviewing written materials, and updating policies and procedures.
MYT Board contacts are:
         Diane Smith Howard, President (
         Meleena Sheffler, Vice President, Webmaster (
         Rich Ellis, Treasurer  (
         Brianne Martin, Summer Shows Coordinator (
         Eddie Hatrick, Fundraising Chair (
         Katie Alberico, Secretary, Winter Show Production Team Liaison (

Please reach out with any comments, questions, or ideas! We want to hear from you! 
Thank you for your help in making all of this possible.
MYT Board

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