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Call For Directors

Call for Directors!
Midcoast Youth Theater
Summer and Fall/Winter 2020

Midcoast Youth Theater (MYT) is thrilled to announce it will be performing Seussical as its Fall/Winter show, January 9-12, 2020, directed by Edgar Hattrick.  MYT’s Spring 2020 show will be Cinderella,[1] directed by Tammy Dumont Verreault, show dates will be in May 2020.  Auditions for MYT’s spring show are likely to occur in February.

We are now seeking applications from experienced and/or highly motivated directors interested in leading creative teams for our Summer and Fall/Winter Musicals, 2020.  The director must work closely with their creative team[2]  and parent volunteers. All creative team members must be able to support the MYT mission of creating a nurturing theater experience for young people, and be able to work well with others. Directors and some members of the creative team will receive a stipend.

We are seeking directors for three separate musicals for children/youth, in Summer 2020 and one family show in Fall/ Winter, with a show run in December 2020 or January 2021. Applications may be submitted for Summer, Fall/Winter, or both. 

Summer Shows:
Auditions for all three summer productions will be held in May 2020, with rehearsals beginning within two weeks thereafter.  The show dates for the three Summer shows are TBD and will be dependent to some degree on the venue availability and director's schedule.
Younger Children K-3rd grade show: This show will be less than one hour long and will run as a “double feature” with the Middle Children’s show.  Rising Third Graders may choose to join this show or the Middle Children show.
Middle Children 4th-8th grade show: This show will likely be a “junior” version of a musical, in particular, Frozen Jr. or Moana Jr.[3]  The Middle Children’s show will be run as a “double feature” with the Younger Children’s show.  Rising Eighth Graders may choose to join this show or the High School show, however, due to the mature content of the High School show, written parent/guardian permission will be required for a rising Eighth Grader to join the High School show.

High School 9th-12th grade will perform Rent[4]
This High School show will run later in the summer than the Younger/Middle Children’s Show.

Fall/Winter Show:

Auditions for the Fall/Winter show will be held in September of 2020, with rehearsals beginning within two weeks thereafter.  The show dates for the Fall Winter show are TBD and will depend to some degree on the venue availability, but will occur in December 2020 or January 2021.

The show selection for the Fall/Winter family show has not been made and anyone applying for this position should include one or more show proposals with a brief explanation as to why the identified show is a good choice for MYT.

About Us:

Midcoast Youth Theater is a non-profit organization providing equal opportunities for all children to perform. .  We are an inclusive theater group, casting all children who audition.  We also provide financial scholarships for any who need it in order to participate in our programming.  We attempt to choose shows that accommodate our large casts, have expandable ensembles, and provide opportunities for children of different abilities.
Our summer shows are for children/youth only.  Our two annual family shows have grown over the last several years from 65-120 performers of varying age, experience, and skill levels. For the family shows, more than half of the cast will be children and youth. The primary focus of MYT is to create opportunity for actors to learn and grow, and to have fun while doing it.

Application Process: 
To apply, please email a resume and answers to the following questions to, subject: MYT Call for Directors” as soon as possible. Positions will be filled on a rolling basis. Please direct any questions regarding the application process to or call at (207) 522-2871.
Please provide a brief narrative of your theater background. Please list up to three shows that you have directed including performance dates, the size of the cast, the age-range of the cast, and the name of the organization or school that produced the show.  If you have directed three or fewer shows, please include relevant experience you have had that make you a strong candidate for directing a family musical, including your specific experience with the age-group you are seeking to direct. Director applicants must be over age 21.
MYT is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on volunteers and, therefore, depends on an atmosphere of mutual support and camaraderie.  Please describe what skills or experiences you have that will enable you to foster that atmosphere in your role as director.

[1] Subject to availability of licensing.
[2]MYT is responsible for selecting the members of the production team. The creative team includes:  music director, choreographer, set designer, stage manager, costumer, lighting, and sound.
[3] Subject to availability of licensing.
[4] Subject to availability of licensing.

25 October 2019
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